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Natural Flea Remedies For Chihuahuas

There's no denying the fact that fleas can make your Chihuahua's life miserable. At first, you may only see a couple small black spots on your Chihuahua, but unless you treat the problem, they will eventually multiply and spread throughout their body. As you may already know, fleas live by feasting on the blood of mammals, or in this case your Chihuahua. When they bite into your Chihuahua's skin, it will generally cause itching, irritation and sometimes even lead to infection. Thankfully, however, there are some natural remedies to treat and prevent fleas from attacking your Chihuahua


Chihuahua in a Yellow-Striped Outfit

Chihuahua In Yellow Outfit

In keeping up with the Chihuahua Threads tradition of posting the cutest and most adorable Chihuahua pictures you've ever seen, we found this one of a tiny little Chihuahua dressed up in a yellow and brown striped shirt with matching sunglasses and a hat. I'm not sure how the owner got the Chihuahua to be so relaxed while wearing a pair of sunglasses and a hat, but they did an awesome job! This guy is as cool as a cucumber in his yellow outfit and matching accessories to boot. Now, if only he had a pair of doggie boots to go along with it...

It's hard to tell whether or not the Chihuahua in the photo above is wearing pants or if it's just a single-piece shirt. It appears as it it's a single-piece with an additional piece of fabric sewn onto the bottom. If so, that's actually a really great idea to help keep your Chihuahua's bottom warm and cozy. In any case, the staff here at Chihuahua Threads hopes you enjoy this adorable photo as much as we do!

Chihuahua Halloween Costume Ideas

As you're probably aware, the scariest holiday of the year is fast-approaching. If you're a Chihuahua owner, you should allow your tiny canine companion to take part in the Halloween festivities this year by dressing them up in a cute costume. Even if you plan on staying inside for the night, trick-or-treaters are sure to get a kick out of seeing your Chihuahua dressed up in a costume. So just what costume should you choose? There's really no wrong choice as long as you and your Chihuahua are having fun, but keep reading and we'll give you a couple ideas for 2013 Halloween.


How To Brush Your Chihuahua’s Teeth

Compared to other breeds, Chihuahuas typically have few health problems; however, one of their main issues is associated with their teeth. Because Chihuahuas are so small, they don't have the necessary room for all of their teeth to fit in as they should, which results in crowding and eventually tooth decay. To prevent this from happening, you should take it upon yourself to clean their teeth at least once a week, as this will help remove plaque and built-up tartar.


Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta Review

If you keep up with the ChihuahuaClothesBin.com blog, you've probably seen some of our previous posts covering Beverly Hills Chihuahua 1 & 2. We reviewed these all-too-famous Chihuahua movies and gave our opinions on whether or not they're worth watching (hint: they are!). Well, to my surprise, there was actually a third one produced and released by Walt Disney Studios. Like many other lesser-known sequels, you have to approach them with some skepticism; after all, so many sequels fail to deliver what previous titles had. So, did Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta live up to the franchise name? Lets take a closer look...