Beverley Hills Chihuahua Review

I know I'm a little late to the scene, but I just had the opportunity to watch the blockbuster hit movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua last night. While some of you may have seen this movie before, I'm sure others haven't, so we'll take a look at it here.

About The Movie

Beverley Hills Chihuahua is a Walt Disney Pictures comedy starring Jamie Lee Curtis, George Lopez, Drew Barrymore, Cheech Marin, Andy Garcia and Piper Perabo released back in 2008. The plot of the movie starts off Vivian Ashe (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) leaving her pet Chihuahua Chloe (voiced by Drew Barymore) in the hands of her niece Rachel (played by Puper Perabo). Rachel is supposed to babysit Chloe while Vivian is away, but instead she decides to take a trip to Mexico with her friends. While she's in Mexico, Chloe gets dognapped and must make her way back across the border to reunite with her owners.

There are plenty of twists and turns to be had in Beverley Hills Chihuahua, from Chloe being forced to participate in a dog fighting ring to her admirer Papi venturing into Mexico to find and save her. When Papi (voiced by George Lopez) heads south, he teams up with several other characters, including an iguana, a rat (voiced by Cheech Marin) and another group of Chihuahuas. (Chloe also comes across a street-wise German Shepherd who helps her get on the right path to towards state-side. The German Shepherd (voiced by Andy Garcia) turns out to be a loyal friend for Chloe and offers her advice on how to get back into the U.S.

My Take on Beverley Hills Chihuahua

I have to admit that I'm sort of biased when it comes to Chihuahua movies. After all, I own three Chihuahuas myself, so I get a kick out of any movie that features Chihuahuas. While this movie may not win any Academy Awards, it's certainly an enjoyable and entertaining film that any Chihuahua is sure to enjoy. It's cute, funny and keeps you wanting to watch it until the end of the film. Of course all the famous actors and voices are another bonus in Beverley Hills Chihuahua. While you're watching the movie, you'll likely hear a voice that you recognize as a famous actor and actress. You can check out our list of actors and actresses who voiced in the movie above.

Beverley Hills Chihuahua Trailer