Chihuahua Articles

When it comes to training Chihuahuas, many owners feel lost and confused. However, it doesn't have to be the headache many people make it out to be. Read our article on how to successfully train your Chihuahua to potty outside and do given commands.

About The Chihuahua
There's no other dog breed quite like the Chihuahua. They are loving and full of unique characteristics. Read more about the Chihuahua and some of their statistics.

Tips on Raising a Healthy Chihuahua
All dog breeds are prone to different health problems, and unfortunately Chihuahuas are no different. In addition, they are the smallest dog breed, which means they need special care and attention. Check out some of our tips on raising a healthy Chihuahua.

How To Raise a Less Aggressive Chihuahua
If you have ever been around Chihuahuas, you know they many of them can be more aggressive than other dog breeds, often having a "snappy" attitude. However, there are certain steps a Chihuahua owner can take to help your Chihuahua grow up to be less aggressive.

Understanding The Different Chihuahua Breeds
There's a lot of bad information floating around out there about what the different Chihuahua breeds are. Separate the facts from the fiction. Read our article on understanding the different Chihuahua breeds.

Tips On Finding The Right Chihuahua Clothes
Feeling a little bit lost as to what clothes to purchase for your sweet little Chihuahua? Let us help. Read our article for some suggestions and advice for finding the right Chihuahua clothes.

The Grooming Needs of a Chihuahua
There's more to owning a Chihuahua than just feeding and watering them. They need proper grooming to keep them looking good and staying healthy.

The History of The Chihuahua
The Chihuahua is such a popular breed today, however many people don't know the history of the Chihuahua. This article will help you understand their past, and how they came to be.

Household Hazards For Chihuahuas
Before bringing your Chihuahua home, you need to make sure you are giving it a safe environment. Find out what hazards could possibly injure your Chihuahua in this article.

Why You Should Adopt From a Chihuahua Rescue
Find out what Chihuahua rescues are, and why they can be the perfect place to find your next Chihuahua.

The Trend of Chihuahua Clothing
In case you've been living under a rock for the past decade, there is a growing trend of Chihuahua clothing. Read this article about the Chihuahua clothing trend.

Chihuahua Fashion Tips
Looking to style your Chihuahua in the latest trends? Read up on some of our exclusive Chihuahua fashion tips for some helpful advice.

Chihuahua Wheezing Problems
You've probably seen your Chihuahua gasping for breath at some time. This Wheezing, or reverse sneezing, is actually quite common for the breed. This article will help you better understand it.

Tips For Slimming Down a Fat Chihuahua
Is your Chihuahua one of the many suffering from being overweight? Read our tips to help them get to a healthy size.

Famous Chihuahuas
Even if you don't own a Chihuahua, you've probably seen them somewhere. Chihuahuas are now in magazines, T.V. shows, and movies. Read about some of the most famous Chihuahuas in this article.

Common Foods That Are Dangerous To a Chihuahua
There are many owners out there who willingly feed their Chihuahua the scraps from the table and the same foods we eat. However, this can cause serious health issues to a small Chihuahua.

What Are Teacup Chihuahuas - Get The Facts
Most of us have heard of Chihuahuas being called teacup before. But, what does this term mean? Get the facts about teacup Chihuahuas here.

Plants That are Toxic To Chihuahuas
Did you know there several dozen different types of houseplants which are considered toxic to Chihuahua? Find out if you have any by reading the list here.

Chihuahua Knee Problems - Patellar Luxation
If your Chihuahua is hopping while holding one of their back legs up, this could be a sign they've developed a knee condition known as patellas luxation.

Chihuahua Microchipping
Having your Chihuahua microchipped only costs about $30 bucks and it can potentially help bring them back to you if they become lost.