Chihuahua in a Yellow-Striped Outfit

Chihuahua In Yellow Outfit

In keeping up with the Chihuahua Threads tradition of posting the cutest and most adorable Chihuahua pictures you've ever seen, we found this one of a tiny little Chihuahua dressed up in a yellow and brown striped shirt with matching sunglasses and a hat. I'm not sure how the owner got the Chihuahua to be so relaxed while wearing a pair of sunglasses and a hat, but they did an awesome job! This guy is as cool as a cucumber in his yellow outfit and matching accessories to boot. Now, if only he had a pair of doggie boots to go along with it...

It's hard to tell whether or not the Chihuahua in the photo above is wearing pants or if it's just a single-piece shirt. It appears as it it's a single-piece with an additional piece of fabric sewn onto the bottom. If so, that's actually a really great idea to help keep your Chihuahua's bottom warm and cozy. In any case, the staff here at Chihuahua Threads hopes you enjoy this adorable photo as much as we do!