Choosing Chihuahua Clothes

With more companies and people manufacturing Chihuahua clothes, you can find practically any type of clothing or accessory for your Chihuahua. But with so many choices it can feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you haven’t shopped for Chihuahua clothes before. Don’t fear, here are some suggestions, along with tips, for choosing Chihuahua clothes.

Choosing a Shirt For Your Chihuahua

Probably the most common type of clothes for any dog, shirts make are a top choice for your Chihuahua. They can be worn year round, are simple to take on and off, and you can find shirts in just about design and style. In fact, just the other day I saw an Obama Chihuahua shirt, too funny!

When choosing shirts for your Chihuahua, try to find a design or print that will match your Chihuahuas behavior. For example, if you have a pampered little girl Chihuahua, you could get a pink shirt with something girly on it. Remember, have fun with all the different choices available to you.

The Warm and Comfortable Sweater

Sweaters are great for several reasons, and have become a popular choice for all small dog breeds, Chihuahuas included. As you probably know, Chihuahuas are small and can suffer from the effects of being cold in certain weather conditions. Sweaters are perfect for keeping them warm and safe in those frigid cold days.

You should look for sweaters that are soft, and will be comfortable on your Chihuahuas delicate skin. Some sweaters are made with a rough fabric, which can cause itching and discomfort for them. Another thing to consider is the durability of the sweater. Make sure it is well-made and will handle in cold environments.

Dresses For Your Chihuahua

Definitely a choice for the female Chihuahua, dresses don’t add much warmth, but they can really make your Chihuahua sparkle with beauty and glamor.

Take note of the design, size, and fabric of the Chihuahua dresses you are shopping for. It is best to find one that will fit like a glove on your Chihuahua, not being too loose, nor too tight. You also want to make sure it is made well, since there are so many small details on most dresses.


A fairly new item to the Chihuahua clothes scene, hoodies are great for the winter days, and the not-to-hot summer days. They are made with the same concept as the hoodies made for us are; it is basically a sweater that has an attached cap. You can find hoodies made with different fabrics, however the most common fabric they are made of is a soft cotton, which is sure to be comfortable for most Chihuahuas. You can also find hoodies in a variety of designs, much like the Chihuahua shirts.

When shopping for Chihuahua hoodies, try to find ones that will be warm and cute on your Chihuahua. Simple colors, such as pink, blue, grey, and black are all great choices for Chihuahua hoodies.

These are just a couple of great ideas to consider when shopping for Chihuahua clothes. There are many other types, such as costumes, jerseys, and countless accessories. Be sure to look at all the different choices of clothes you can buy for your Chihuahua