Clothes For a Boy Chihuahua

Just like us people, boy and girl Chihuahuas should dress differently. Doing so gives you a chance to add some style and extra personality to them, and make them look even cuter than they already are. In this post I’m going to cover some ideas and tips for dressing a boy Chihuahua.

When some owners buy clothes for their boy Chihuahuas, they don’t take the time to really put thought into what they pick out. Maybe it’s because they just want something that will keep their Chihuahua warm, or maybe they don’t feel like taking the time to choose the right clothes, or maybe it’s because they simply don’t know what kind of clothes to get for a boy Chihuahua.

Think "Boyish"

Boy chihuahua wearing vest

The trick here is to think “boyish”. Take a look at the picture above, doesn't it look like a great choice for a boy Chihuahua? It is a properly fitted camouflage t-shirt with a very cool looking collar. This is a perfect example of a great way to dress a boy Chihuahua.

If you feel completely lost when you are trying to shop for boy Chihuahua clothes, you can always buy something that is simple, yet “boyish”. For example, a plain blue t-shirt could be a great choice, as long as it fits your Chihuahua appropriately. Another example could be something that has a graphic on it, such as shirt or sweater with a skull crossbones on it.

Tips For Buying Boy Clothes

If you want to be a bit more adventurous, you can look for something with a bit more detail, such as a leather jacket, or a stylish hoodie. Just be sure that any type of clothing you get for him is soft, comfortable, and is fairly easy to take on and off.

Another tip is to always make sure you buy the correct size clothes for your boy Chihuahua. You want it to fit properly around his body without hanging off. Doing so will not only look make your Chihuahua look better, but it will be more comfortable as well.

Of course what clothes you choose to put on your Chihuahua is entirely up to you, but I hope these tips will help put you in the right direction!