Cute Chihuahua Wearing Homemade Sweater and Shades

Chihuahua With Sweater and Sunglasses

It's been a while since we've posted one of our all-too-famous Chihuahua photos, so we figured we wouldn't keep our visitors waiting any longer. Without further adu, here's a photo we came across of a cute Chihuahua wearing a nifty little handmade sweater and a pair of shades. I'm not sure who made that sweater, but I must say that's it's a pretty good job. I really like the wrap around piece that goes from their chest around the back, which is likely used to help secure the sweater to the Chihuahua.

I know everyone thinks their Chihuahua is the most photogenic, but this guy here looks like a straight canine model. He's sportin' the shades and doesn't even care that he's a dog! You my friend are one heck of a photogenic Chihuahua! Of course the staff here at would love to see a photo of your Chihuahua as well. If you're willing to let up post your beloved Chihuahua here, send us a picture at Thanks in advance!