Finding The Right Chihuahua Bed

Chihuahua Laying on a Bed

Chihuahuas can be quite the lazy little lounger, often seeking the comfort of a soft bed over playing with their toys. However, a comfortable bed for your Chihuahua has other benefits; it gives them their own space where they can escape off to and have their own private space. Follow these tips on finding the right bed for your Chihuahua.


Because your Chihuahua will likely be spending countless hours on their bed, you should make sure to find one that's going to be comfortable for them to sleep and lay in. The most comfortable beds will be soft to the touch, not rough. Also, your Chihuahua is going to be more comfortable in a bed that he or she fits in. Don't get a bed that's 5x their size, but don't get one that's too small either. A good sized bed for your Chihuahua should be about the size of 2-3x their size.

Style and Design

Chihuahua beds are made in a countless number of different styles and shapes. Some people prefer a simple bed with no fancy bells and whistles, while others like to spoil their Chihuahuas with a little bit more, like the luxurious bed in the picture above. Take the time to look through all the choices you have before you make a final decision.

Much like the style, the design of a Chihuahua bed should also be deciding factor. You need to ask yourself what look to do you want your Chihuahua bed to bring. There are designs in basic colors, animal print, picture designs, and just about anything else you can think of. Depending on where you plan on keeping the bed, you may want it to match the rest of your house. For example, many people keep their Chihuahua beds in the living room, so they would probably get a bed to match their couches and living room furniture. Remember, your Chihuahuas bed is going to essentially be a piece of your living room, so it's usually wise to try and match it.

How To Make Your Own Chihuahua Bed

Some owners make their own beds for their Chihuahuas and other pets, and it's not as difficult as you may think. This can be done by sewing two same-sized blankets together inside out at the edges and filling it with a cotton stuffing (which can be found at hobby stores). Another idea is to just use old, soft pillows as beds; just make sure you aren't going to use them again. If you do decide to go the route of using an old pillow, be sure it's not one of those feather pillows where the feathers can stick out and poke you, as these can be quite uncomfortable for both people and small pets.

The Bottom Line With Chihuahua Beds

If you don’t have a knack for sewing, or you only want the best for your Chihuahua (which you should!), then you should go shopping for a top-quality Chihuahua bed. You can find Chihuahua beds for sale at a number of different places such as pet stores, pet boutiques, general stores, and online. We recommend shopping for Chihuahua beds through our website where you're sure to find a large selection of high quality beds at low prices.

Just like we pamper our Chihuahuas with Chihuahua clothes, we can also pamper them with a nice bed. A good bed will let your Chihuahua kick back, and relax the day away!