Happy-Faced Chihuahua Wearing Shades

Happy chihuahua wearing shades

I found this picture the other day and thought it was just too cute not to post it! I’m sure all the Chihuahua owners like myself can appreciate this picture of one happy-faced Chihuahua laying down in the grass while he’s wearing some cool shades.

I don’t see many Chihuahuas wearing shades, probably because they're a fairly new item on the market, but I believe it would be a nice item to accessorize your Chihuahua with. So, if you're looking for something to make your Chihuahua stand out from the rest so to speak, try looking for some shades or protective eyewear.

Not All Chihuahua Shades are Created Equally!

Warning! Not all Chihuahua shades are created equally! Some eyewear made for Chihuahuas are designed simply for style and offer little to no protection against the suns harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays. If you purchase this type of wear for your Chihuahua, you'll need to be sure they aren't left outside for any extended length of time, as the sun may still damage their eyes. Other types of canine eyewear, such as Doggles, are not only designed with style in mind, but are constructed to give 100% UV protection for your dogs eyes. This will help prevent the suns damaging UV rays from causing damage to their eyesight. In addition to this powerful UV protection, Doggles are also both shatter are fog proof.

Shades and protective eyewear also make one of the best accessories for taking trips to the beach with your Chihuahua. Spending the day on the beach with your Chihuahua can be an enjoyable experience unlike any other. However, small Chihuahuas that are already so close to the ground are likely to have sand blown in their eyes, especially on windy days. Strapping some eyewear on them will protect them from any sand that tries to seek them out.