How To Brush Your Chihuahua’s Teeth

Compared to other breeds, Chihuahuas typically have few health problems; however, one of their main issues is associated with their teeth. Because Chihuahuas are so small, they don't have the necessary room for all of their teeth to fit in as they should, which results in crowding and eventually tooth decay. To prevent this from happening, you should take it upon yourself to clean their teeth at least once a week, as this will help remove plaque and built-up tartar.

What You'll Need

Chihuahua Teeth BrushingWhile some owners may use one of their spare tooEditorthbrushes on their Chihuahua, you should look for a smaller one instead. A more suitable alternative is to use a children's toothbrush, as it's smaller and easier to maneuver around in a Chihuahua's mouth. You can also use special canine toothbrushes that are designed specifically for the small mouths of dogs. Both can be used to effectively clean your Chihuahua's teeth, but you can probably save some money by sticking with a children's toothbrush.

In addition to a toothbrush, you'll also need toothpaste. Don't make the mistake of giving your own toothpaste to your Chihuahua, as this may cause them to get ill. Instead, ask your veterinarian for a recommendation and use it.

Steps To Brushing Your Chihuahua's Teeth

When you're ready to brush your Chihuahua's teeth, take them either outside or to the bathroom where you won't make a mess. Follow the directions listed on the packaging for the toothpaste and squeeze out the recommended amount of the toothbrush. Now, very gently start brushing your Chihuahua's teeth in a circular motion working working from the back teeth to the front. Once you're through with the upper set of teeth, move down to the bottom.

You'll want to spend a few extra minutes brushing your Chihuahua's back teeth, as these are the ones more prone to decay. Make sure that you're cleaning all the way int the back of their mouth to help prevent build-ups of plaque.

Your Chihuahua may feel nervous or anxious during the first few times you brush their teeth. The best way to relax your Chihuahua is to continue petting and praising them throughout the brushing process. Once it's over, give them a milk bone as a treat and continue petting them. Try to get into the habit of brushing their teeth at least once a week or even more if you have the free time available. Not only will it help protect the health opf their teeth, but they'll have a nicer smile as well.