How To Make Your Chihuahua Love Their Clothes

For many Chihuahuas, getting dressed up in Chihuahua clothes is about as fun as a bath. But, why don’t they like getting dressed up? It doesn't hurt them, and they shouldn't be uncomfortable to wear. In fact, most Chihuahua clothes are made of cotton, making them very soft. If your Chihuahua runs off to the safety of their bed or crate every time you bring out their dog clothes, then read these tips on how to make your Chihuahua love their clothes.

Chihuahuas, like many animals, have it in their instinct to be hesitant of unfamiliar objects. If you've ever owned a Chihuahua before, you've probably seen them back away from things like the dreaded vacuum cleaner, brooms, kids toys, or other objects. This is because they don’t know what these objects are, or what they can do, so they keep their distance from them to be on the safe side. Some Chihuahuas are hesitant of Chihuahua clothes for the same reason; they have no clue what they are and if they might hurt them. However, you can help your Chihuahua realize what t is, and that it is a good thing by following some simple steps.

Use Lots of Treats!

Treats are a Chihuahua’s best friend, and can be used to teach them that getting dressed up in clothes is a fun experience that leaves them with a tasty reward! Each time you want to put clothes on your Chihuahua, give them one of their favorite doggie treats. After a couple times of receiving treats for being dressed up, your Chihuahua will start to associate the treats with the clothes, and before you know it, your Chihuahua will start to get excited and anxious when it’s time to get dressed up. One of my Chihuahuas actually starts jumping around all excited when I pull out my Chihuahua clothes box, so you know they must like it.

Take Your Time and Be Gentle

Chihuahuas are small and have delicate skin, which is why it is important to be gentle when putting clothes on your Chihuahua. Always take your time, and if the shirt doesn't fit, don’t force it. Remember, Chihuahua clothes come in all different shapes and sizes, so find some that will fit your Chihuahuas body comfortably without being too loose or constraining.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Take time practicing taking the clothes on and off of your Chihuahua. Since Chihuahua clothes don’t exactly go on like our clothes, it can be confusing the first couple of times. However, after you practice a couple times, you should become familiar with how they go on and off. Plus, your Chihuahua will start to become used to it. It’s a win-win situation as long as you don't give up!