Maximum Temperature for a Heating Mantle

by Olivia Nypan posted June 18, 2017

Heating mantles are able to heat things evenly significantly reducing the risk of cracking. These products have a maximum temperature set into each unit that prevents its over-heating and breakdown. This safety measure is very important for the materials a mantle is made of as it protects them from possible damaging. The heating mantles designed for a general purpose have similar maximum temperatures. However, the modern market also offers specialized mantles of higher temperatures.

Mantles of General Purpose

Usually heating mantles have a maximum temperature of some 842 degrees Fahrenheit. You can regulate it with the help of a temperature control system that will also ensure that the mantle heats the object all around. Of course, it's your responsibility to place this object into the mantle correctly. After you have set the desired temperature, the mantle is not supposed to exceed its maximum figure during the whole heating process.

High Temperature Mantles

These are the mantles that operate at higher temperatures - up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit. They can be easily found on the market but as they specialized in more than just a common purpose of their counterparts they are significantly more costly. High temperature heating mantles can be used in the processes of distillation and "cracking" - that is splitting of the larger molecules into smaller ones. This is the reason why these mantles have such high temperatures.

Features of Heating Mantles

A heating mantle can provides an object with the heat that is passed through a mass of special fabric that is located around the objet you want to heat. This fabric is notable for containing such heating elements, as a mesh of copper wires which are able to warm up the fabric to the necessary temperature. Then the fabric radiates heat into the object from all sides at an equal rate. So, you should not be worrying about any excess heat at some areas of the item.

Benefits of Heating Mantles

Using a heating mantle your glass won't be shattered as this product heats all section of the glass at a time. In this way, heat won't be radiated to cold areas of your glassware. As a consequence, the glass won't get damaged or shattered. It has to be emphasized that the heating mantle is very safe to handle as it has no open flame or any hot sections which can be found with a Bunsen burner or some other traditional techniques of heating objects.

As you can see, heating mantles are very beneficial; they have useful features and can be safely and efficiently used for your needs. So, don't lose time and start shopping for this wonderful product right now!