Replace Your Shower Door Hinges Correctly!

by Olivia Nypan posted November 13, 2016

There is no doubt that the bathroom is the most relaxing and inviting place in the house. You will probably agree that the decor and style of a bathroom is one of the most important aspects that determine the atmosphere in this room. If you are not quite satisfied with the look and feel of your bathroom, you can improve this situation by bringing some changes into your glass shower doors. Of course, buying the new ones is an expensive luxury for most of contemporary homeowners. Luckily, your current shower door can be greatly modernized in some other cheaper and easier ways.

The glass door hinges which intend to secure your door to the nearby wall are just a small part of your bathroom but it can determine its look as a whole. So, if your shower door hinges are already outdated, don't hesitate to replace them with the new ones. Doing this you will avoid the necessity of buying the entire door system.

Further, you're offered a few basic instructions on replacing your glass door hinges. Follow them while completing this do-it-yourself project and you will be satisfied with the final result.

  • First of all, your shower door should be open all the way. It's highly advised to support the shower door while removing the two screws that secure the top hinge to it. This procedure should be repeated with the other two screws in the lower hinge. Further, the glass panel should be removed from the hinges and located in some safe place.
  • Next, the three screws that hold the upper hinge to the shower wall should be unscrewed. This procedure has to be repeated with the lower hinge. Put your old hinges and the screws aside.
  • Wash the places where your old hinges were located with a special bathroom cleanser, including on the shower door frame and shower wall. The edge of the glass panel should be also cleaned. Let the cleaned surface dry completely.
  • Locate the holes in the new hinges in one direct line with the holes in your shower wall. Then the new hinges should be secured in place with the screws. It's very important for the hinges to fit the screw holes the way old hinges did. It should be remembered that the greater number of shower door hinge screw holes are spaced universally.
  • Raise the glass panel to your shower opening. Then the hinge side of the panel should be inserted into the central opening of the upper hinge and the lower hinge. Remember that the shower door should be held open and the holes should be located in one line on the hinge back with the holes in the door.
  • You need to start the screws in the upper hinge holes and at least one screw in the lower hinge. The upper hinge should be secured to the glass panel. Just tighten the screws with a screwdriver securely. Ensure that the lower holes in the panel are lined up with the holes in the lower hinge. Secure the lower hinge with the screws.

You're also advised to take into consideration some tips and warnings described further.

The process of replacing glass door hinges is rather difficult and requires more than one person to complete it successfully. So, it would be a wise idea to find a person (a friend or a relative) who would help you in supporting the glass panel while you're removing the glass door hinges and rehanging the shower glass.