Summertime Chihuahua Clothes

With summer right around the corner, many of you may be wondering what types of Chihuahua clothes are suitable for the warm, summer days. Here are some tips on finding the perfect Chihuahua clothes.

Chihuahuas can become exhausted and dehydrated if you dress them in clothes that are too thick, such as sweaters, and hoodies. You don’t want to do this to your Chihuahua, so be sure you are dressing in them in thin, lightweight clothes to keep them cool and comfortable. The t-shirt is usually a good choice, because most of them are lightweight, soft, easy to take on and off, and comfortable.


Here are some things to consider when purchasing Chihuahua shirts for the summer:

  • Thickness - You want to be sure it is fairly thin. Thick shirts can easily make your Chihuahua hot and dehydrated during the summer days.
  • Softness - It doesn't matter if it’s the summer or winter, you want to make sure the shirt is soft and comfortable for your Chihuahua.
  • Quality – You don’t want to purchase any Chihuahua shirts that look like they were made cheap. Bad quality clothes can tear easily with a Chihuahuas hyper lifestyle.
  • Look - One of the main reasons owners dress their Chihuahuas in clothes is to make them look cute. So, try to find shirts that will compliment your Chihuahua. Maybe something pink and ruffly for a female Chihuahua, or a dark colored shirt for a male.
  • Price - To most of us, price is a factor. However, many of the higher priced shirts are better quality. So, if you are paying top-dollar for Chihuahua shirts, make sure they are worth the extra price.

Shirts are not the only choices for summertime Chihuahua clothes. If you have a girl Chihuahua, you could get a dress or skirt for them to wear. Dresses and skirts are usually thin and versatile, allowing your Chihuahua to look glamorous and stay cool at the same time.

Another thing you shouldn't forget is that accessories can really add some character to your Chihuahua. If you don’t have any Chihuahua clothes suitable for the summer, you could always just tie a cute bandanna around them. Bandannas are the perfect size for a tiny Chihuahua body.